Introducing Gold Hue Titanium Custom 
Implant Abutments

BDC is now happy to offer gold-hue anodized titanium abutments. The abutment goes through an anodizing process that changes the color from dark gray to gold at the end of manufacturing. By prescribing gold hue titanium abutments by BDC, you will dramatically reduce the risk of having gray glow through the soft tissue in the area of the abutment. In addition, a gold colored abutment will perform much better under many translucent all ceramic materials.
Custom Implant Abutments

Bigler Dental Ceramics offers three options when it comes to making custom implant abutments. They are available in titanium, hybrid (zirconia glued to titanium base), and screw retained. Titanium abutments are commonly used in all regions of the mouth due to their strength and are used for cementable crowns. Hybrid abutments are commonly used in the anterior region with all-ceramic restorations and provide greater aesthetics. They are also used for cementable crowns. Screw retained abutment crowns are all in one crowns glued to a titanium base that are used in all regions of the mouth and offer great aesthetics and retrievability. 

When you prescribe implant abutments, a natural-looking emergence is designed using 3-D CAD technology and then fabricated using precise milling machines. This precise interface optimizes soft tissue contours and crown aesthetics and also ensures excellent gingival health.

gold hue titanium custom implant abutments