BDC Full Contour Zirconia

After extensive research and development, Bigler Dental Ceramics is proud to offer the latest and most aesthetic full contour zirconia product on the market: BDC FCZ Full Contour Zirconia. 
BDC FCZ is processed using the most translucent zirconia with advanced crown design libraries, milling strategies, and multi coloring shading techniques to deliver the most precise fitting and aesthetic full contour zirconia restoration on the market.  

**Recommended for posterior restorations.
BDC Porcelain Fused Zirconia

Bigler Dental Ceramics is proud to offer the next generation in ceramic restorations: BDC PFZ: Porcelain fused to Zirconia. With the structural strength of zirconia and the aesthetics of porcelain, our PFZ restorations offer a combination of beauty and strength like no other. Using our innovative expertise, our dental lab has consistently and successfully created many PFZ restorations with absolutely incredible results.

**Recommended for anteriors.
BDC FCZ Facial Cutback

BDC FCZ Facial Cutback is a full contour zirconia restoration layered with porcelain on the buccal for the ultimate in strength and beauty. Ideal for uppers, the cutback technique leaves the functional areas in solid zirconia for ultimate strength while delivering the cosmetics of a layered restoration on the buccal surface. 

**Recommended for uppers.